Application Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully prior to applying for a position.

Please note that a CUC Employment Application is required for each position. The CUC Employment Application is available on the link below. Incomplete documents or information that is required to apply for a position will not be accepted for consideration.

Application materials may be sent by fax or email to the Office of Human Resources.

New positions are held open for a minimum of five (5) days from the date of posting.

Fax: (909) 607-8085

Download Employment Application

Note: If you are a Mac user and fill out this form using Preview, please do one of the following:

  1. Print the form to a new PDF before sending it. To do this, you:
    1. Go to the Print menu (cmd+P)
    2. Use the PDF drop-down, select "Save as PDF ..."
    Then send the new PDF to us. This should ensure that our PC users will be able to open and read the form after you send it.
    Or ...
  2. Use Acrobat Reader instead (and if you already have it, make sure it's current). You can download Acrobat Reader for Macintosh.

Employment is contingent upon new employee providing documents verifying U.S. Citizenship or documents verifying legal authorization to work in the U.S. An applicant's acceptability for a position requiring the use of a CUC/College-owned vehicle is contingent upon a driving record that meets criteria of the Colleges' automobile liability insurer.

Claremont University consortium is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to providing career opportunities to all people, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability.

About Claremont University Consortium

Claremont University Consortium (CUC) is the central coordinating and support organization for The Claremont Colleges (Claremont Graduate University, Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Keck Graduate Institute, Pitzer College, Pomona College and Scripps College). Originally established in 1925 as part of Claremont University Center, in July 2000, CUC incorporated as a freestanding tax-exempt organization and employs approximately 330 employees. Some of CUC?s services to The Claremont Colleges include: campus safety, a central library, health and counseling services, ethnic centers, a central bookstore, physical plant and facilities support, payroll and accounting, information technology, employee benefits, real estate and risk management.

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