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Walk-in appointments

Student Health Services (SHS) provides walk-in appointments for students who have urgent medical needs. The charge for the service is $15.00.  A walk-in patient will be seen by a Registered Nurse who will assess the medical needs of the patient. If it is determined that the patient has an urgent medical need, the Registered Nurse will refer the patient to one of the Student Health Services providers.  If it is determined by the Registered Nurse that the medical condition is not urgent, treatment recommendation(s) will be provided. A walk-in patient may experience an extended wait time depending on the number of walk-in patients in the reception area.

Student Health Insurance Plan for 2013-2014

Information regarding the student insurance program may be accessed through the Student Health Services website.  Under the heading Download, the 2013–2014 Student Health Insurance Summary Plan [pdf] is available for review.  A complete brochure and additional contact information is available. Student Health Services does not do any direct billing for this or any other insurance carrier. Student Health Services will provide all patients with a complete "walk-out" sheet that can be submitted to any insurance claims department.

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